Private Investigation work varies widely. We usually work on a fixed fee basis, so you know from the outset what sort of cost the operation is going to entail. You can get a confidential quotation from us by filling out the form here.

Please see the examples below:

Matrimonial Surveillance – Day Time Operation – shadowing before work, after work and at lunchtimes. 6 hours work on location, plus preparation.

£300 plus VAT
Excludes disbursements of £75
(entrance fees, telephone calls and estimated travel costs)

Pre-Nuptial Checks – Online Identity Checks, Surveillance, Property Check, Background History Check, Employment History and General Research.

£400 plus VAT
Excludes disbursements of £100
(legal costs and estimated travel).

Corporate Fraud Surveillance – Day Time Operation. Observing employees in a location, gathering evidence, making enquiries, background research. Three day operation, 24 hours of surveillance on site.

£1,800 plus VAT
Excludes  disbursements of £200
(travel and location costs).

Emergency Infidelity Surveillance – Friday night operation, booked at 1pm on the Friday, including night time surveillance at night clubs, restaurant and cinema, gathering evidence. 6 hours on site, plus preparation.

£600 plus VAT
Excludes disbursements of £100
(entrance fees, restaurant bills, travel costs and telephone calls).